ECT Hutchison Ports

“Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam (ECT) is one of the leading and most advanced container terminal operators in Europe. The company handles a majority of the containers at the port of Rotterdam ECT operates the ECT Delta terminal and the ECT Euromax terminal. Both situated at the Maasvlakte, directly on the North Sea.”

A very special website with many functionalities. First of all, a lot of content was migrated from the old website to the new website. The new website also encompases the ECT magazine (with masonry style editions) in a longread format.
Furthermore, there are ‘cases’ that can be highlighted on the homepage, each having one or more pages attached.

Each of ECT’s terminals is represented by a beautiful and structured terminal page.

Other features: service messages displayed on website by sending an e-mail to a specific address, media center with photo gallery, news, timeline, publications.
Developed while working at Ontwerpwerk.