Huntington’s disease is a complex inherited neurodegenerative disorder that requires treatment and guidance at all stages. During the illness there is progressive loss of function in several life domains.

The HuntingtonNet website aims to create a multidisciplinary network of professionals working for the care and treatments of patients with Huntington’s disease.┬áThis network of professionals strives to increase the overall quality of care and treatment for this target group and their families. To achieve that goal, the professionals will collaborate more, exchange knowledge and spread the care and treatment better across the country.

The website has a private intranet, where the professionals can log in and share articles, Q&A’s, start chat groups with other professionals. They can also update their profile if they want to be found in the external care finder (the website produces a feed).

This project was fun as well as challenging (and thus fun ;)) because of all the private page and files permissions in different levels of the system and the different level of user memberships.

Developed while working at Ontwerpwerk.