My projects revolve around the collective. In addition, I like to work with a collection, whether already present or made on the spot by the participants (or ‘collective’). Next to this, I like to work with individual fantasy and imagination parallel to a collaborative and collective memory. A key aspect in the projects is the role of choice. How do we choose? The manual labour that is involved in adding to, arranging or augmenting the collection in ways that are instinctual but mostly come from tradition and semiotics are a thing for me to play with and investigate. The personal perspective from this manual labour, sometimes craftsmanship, gives it value and uniqueness. I then deconstruct and rearrange the collection myself. The different ways of organizing this data become the final product. Or, the work consists of the (re)arrangements of others, as an interactive platform to continue from.

Usually, my work is the result of broad and substantial research. I like working alone as well as team-based; dialogue with fellow designers stimulate me. At the same time I like to distance myself from the project to let things bed down and get a broader perspective. I do this by looking at other people’s work, at what’s already out there, so I can take different opinions into consideration. Next to that, I make small prototypes, from there it naturally evolves into a conceptually solid project.

To illustrate my methodology, I have explained some of my previous projects below.