This table has 4 scanners embedded in the surface, that scan at an interval, one after the other. Categorized into 4 open boxes on the table are hundreds of transparent sheets, printed on them are very diverse images and texts. The audience can create a collage and after each round of scanning a printer hidden in the table spits out the combined images.

Inside the table a script working on 4 linked iMacs and a printer is operating the scanners and processing all the data. The scanned images are not just stacked on top of one another, one image is displayed small in the upper corner of the paper while another may be enlarged. Then it sends the composition off to the printer, while the first scanner is already scanning again.

The main purpose of the table is to bring people together and form a collective of people working towards a common goal. This is why you can create a text and image based collage with multiple people, using the collection of visuals provided in boxes. The texts in fact are fairytales, rhymes and urban legends, because all these folk tales have been uniting people over centuries. The images are mostly animals (fables). Every day, the stack of paper rolling out of the printer becomes one volume of a collection of fairy tales, showing how people intervened and when. I did not want the technology behind the installation to be visible, the scanners are now only visible as a mesmerizing purple lines, magically moving from one side to the other. In a table, they intuitively let people interact with the installation, move the sheets around, but most importantly: interact with each other. They work together on one composition or try to sabotage each other.