This project is a text-based adventure game, written in Python, and was presented at the Unlike Us event in the Unlike Art session, at the 8th of March 2012 in Trouw Amsterdam. In collaboration with Danny van der Kleij and Fabien Labeyrie.

“The terms of service of Facebook is pretty long and boring, so students Danny Van Der Kleij, Mirjam Dissel and Fabien Labeyrie made a text based game out of it: Lost in TOS. ‘Begin your journey in the terms of services’ says the game when you start playing. ‘We found a lot of similarities between labyrinth games and the terms of service of Facebook’ says Mirjam Dissel. ‘It makes you think about what is actually is said there. It is a big wall of text.’ With the game they want to give insight in the TOS and make people aware of the fact that the TOS is very hard to understand.The three students are still working on it, e.g. on getting gold so you can hire a lawyer in the game to understand the TOS better.”
Report written by Serena Westra on the website of Network Cultures